Phonics sound cards phase2:How to use them effectively?

jolly phonics sound cards
phonics sound cards
phonics sound cards

Maybe there are 26 letters in English alphabet but teaching sounds won’t depend on that in teaching digraphs or trigraphs. In this article, we talk about phase 2 sounds which are single letter sounds.

Phase 2 phonic sounds:

jolly phonics - phase 2

phase 2 contains 20 sound letters. These are single letters that can make one sound like It’s obvious in the chart some examples of the usage of these letters. This phase is not interested in teaching kids how to pronounce sounds that are formed by two or more letters. So, it’s more suitable for starters and kg1.

phase 2 phonics cards: How to use them?

The cards are helpful in many activities that will boost kids learning of sounds. They are mainly designed for blending activities but we can use them solely to test the kid recognition for a single sound card.

So, if you are teaching the kid the /c/ sound for example. You can choose three cards including the /c/ sound and shuffle them and ask the kid which one is the /c/ sound. This game is greatly known and is so helpful. If the kid has taken some of the sounds including some vowels we can start asking him to blend the sound and pronounce the whole word. Usually, it will be three letters word (CVC).
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Let’s watch together some techniques of teaching the letter sound and blending:

phonics sound cards phase 2 – group games:

The cards are also suitable for group work and higher learning levels. You can ask a group to form the word ‘cat’ after hearing it many times by the teacher. The groups that can recognize the sounds that form the word faster are the winners.

Free Printable Phonics sound cards PDF .. Download Now

Download the cards now and enjoy a pretty experience in teaching phonics with these astonishing phonics sounds flashcards. There will be another package for phase3 and phase 4 letter sounds. If you don’t know what exactly the jolly phonics strategy of teaching is, you can read this post.

Download Free Printable .. Phonics sound cards phase 2 pdf


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