Free Printable Planets Coloring Pages

Free Printable Planets Coloring Pages, Download PDF

Hello, little explorers! Are you ready to blast off on an adventure through outer space? Today, we’re going to learn all about the amazing free printable Planets coloring pages in our solar system. But guess what? We’re not just going to learn about them; we’re going to color them too! Get your crayons ready, because it’s time to dive into the colorful world of our planetary neighbors.

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Free Printable Planets Coloring Pages, Download PDF

Coloring Pages: A Universe of Creativity:

Imagine being able to bring the planets to life with your own colors and designs. That’s exactly what we can do with these special coloring pages! Each page features a different planet, waiting for us to add our own artistic touch.

FREE Planets Coloring Pages for all ages! This printable pack will help teach your students about the planets in our solar system.

Free Printable Planets Coloring Pages, Download PDF
8 planets Coloring pages

8 Planets coloring pages for kids

Color and learn about some faraway worlds with these coloring pages!

Planets coloring pages printable

Planets In The Solar System To Color

The sun

A star is a hot, glowing ball of gas. When you look up in the night sky, you can see endless twinkling stars. Can you see any stars during the daytime? Of course! The light of day comes from our closest star: the Sun.

Sun is bid star
  • It is a 4.5-billion-year-old star at the center
  • of our solar system.
  • It makes life on Earth possible.
  • It is a hot, glowing ball of hydrogen and helium.
  • Color: The sun is all of the colors of the rainbow at once, so it looks white.

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Planets in the solar system coloring pages

1- Mercury

Let’s start with the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury. It’s a small, rocky world covered in craters. What color do you think Mercury should be? Gray like the moon, or maybe a fiery orange to represent its closeness to the sun? It’s up to you!

2- Venus

Next up is Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system. With its thick clouds and swirling storms, Venus is a world of mystery. Will you color it yellow like the sun, or perhaps a vibrant shade of red to match its fiery atmosphere?

3- Earth

Earth planet
free printable Earth planet flashcard

Ah, our home planet, Earth! Covered in oceans and continents, Earth is a beautiful blue and green gem floating in space. What colors will you choose to make our planet come alive? Remember to add some fluffy white clouds too!

4- Mars

Mars planet
mars planet coloring page

Now, let’s journey to the “Red Planet”—Mars!! With its rusty red surface and towering volcanoes, Mars is a world of adventure. Will you color it bright red like a strawberry, or maybe a darker shade like a ripe cherry?


Wow, look at the largest planet in our solar system—Jupiter! With its swirling clouds and giant storms, Jupiter is a true giant of the cosmos. What colors will you use to make this behemoth planet pop off the page?

6- Saturn

Saturn planet coloring page
Saturn planet coloring page

Next, we have Saturn, the planet with stunning rings around it. Imagine being able to color those rings any color you like! Will you make them shimmering silver, dazzling gold, or perhaps a rainbow of colors?

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Uranus is a planet unlike any other, with its sideways spin and icy blue hue. What shades of blue will you use to color this chilly world? Don’t forget to add some sparkly stars to the background!

8- Neptune

Neputen planet
Neptune planet coloring page

Last but not least, we have Neptune, the farthest planet from the Sun. With its deep blue color and swirling clouds, Neptune is a world of mystery and wonder. How will you bring this distant planet to life on your coloring page?

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As we color each planet, we’re not just learning about the solar system; we’re using our imaginations to create our own cosmic masterpieces! So grab your crayons and let your creativity soar as we explore the wonders of our solar system, one planet at a time. Happy coloring, little astronauts!

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