Free!- Learning Basic Colors Flashcards Printable

free basic learning flashcards printable

Free Basic Colors Flashcards – preschoolers and toddlers

Free Basic Colors Flashcards - preschoolers and toddlers
learning basic colors cover page

Teach your kid the colors with our awesome coloring pdf flashcards. The cards are of high quality as well as beautiful design. Opening the pdf you will find a set of 12 cards(not including the cover). Our free basic colors flashcards are joyful to spread an active and exciting teaching atmosphere.

Red color flashcard – colors flashcards for kinder – sample:


Red color flashcard - Free Basic Colors Flashcards
Red coloring worksheet

For example, our red color flashcard is made for a beautifully decorated car with stars on the wheels to add more fun and imagination to kids learning time. Undoubtedly, We should keep the child in a hyperactive state where he feels like he is going to drive this car or playing with it.

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Free download basic colors flashcards…

what is the main goal for using a flashcard with toddlers?

To clarify, toddlers are not meant to learn the language and literacy skills through flashcards. Rather, it emphasizes memorization which paves the way later for more easy learning. Researches showed that memorization and imagery educational tools are a great asset in growing and fostering kids’ mental abilities to comprehend information when they grow up. For this purpose, you can check our article(#) for more about teaching toddlers.

Download the best printable pdf color cards for toddlers and preschoolers.

Here are some other coloring flashcards. After your kid sees and interacts with these flashcards…..

A blue color card - free basic colors flashcards
A blue color flashcard for basic color teaching for toddlers and preschoolers

A picture of a whale but a smiley cute one just as your toddler. Our printable coloring flashcards are always of high quality and made to help your child to feel awesome and happy while learning.

Printable color flashcards are suitable for school and home teaching.

orange coloring flashcard on the shape of a carrot
orange coloring flashcard on the shape of a carrot

Orange color flashcard in the shape of a smiley carrot. It’s easy to integrate this with a real carrot to enable the kid to memorize it by heart.

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In the end….come on download the whole package for free now…

All our resources in kids’ activities are free and aimed to help you teach your kids. All in all, Whether you are a teacher or parent. your place is here

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