Phonics sounds: Learning Letter F and /f/ Sound

f sound story

phonics f sound story:

phonics f sound
phonics f sound

June 21st, It’s Danny’s birthday and the whole family is happy. Danny’s dad brought the birthday cake in the morning and it’s time to celebrate now. his mother put the candles, turned off the lights, and started the song “happy birthday to you…….”. “Time to blow out the candles, Come on Danny”, said everyone. ‘ffffff, fffff,fffff” however, Danny’s breath was short. he is still young. He tried again but stronger this time “fffff, ffff, fffff”. It was better, and he made it. everyone was happy.

Sound f video: How to pronounce the /f/ sound:

the f sound is a consonant. We make it when our upper teeth slightly touch the upper lips. We launch some air and that will make the fraction that will produce the f sound. The sound /f/ is in words like ‘fan’, ‘fin’, and ‘fit’. The video below shows how to make the unvoiced /f/ sound.

phonics f sound game: listen and mark true if you heard the sound /f/

phonics f sound
if you heard the g sound tick true. Other than that it’s surely false.

Tracing worksheet: write the letter /f/: 

Here’s the letter /f/ tracing worksheet to practice Letter F f Tracing Worksheets

phonics f sound
trace the capital and small letter f

Read the following words: 

Use our phonics phase 2 flashcards to practice some pronunciation activities with your kid: 

  • First level: Make combinations of the flashcards below and let the child recognize which letters are making the sound /f/.
  • Advanced level: Let the child assemble the words below by himself. keep telling him the pronunciation of the word until he can make the combination alone. 
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  • fun
  • fast
  • fit
  • foot

You can download and see all the flashcards in pdf printable designs. All our resources are free to use.


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