Free Phonics Worksheets: Circle the Beginning Sound Worksheets for kindergarten

beginning sound worksheet

phonics for kindergarten worksheets:

After the kid has learned how to pronounce and read the letter sounds they have taken. We now have to practice these sounds needed. The beginning sound of the word usually is the most stressed one. If you don’t understand the exercise, then please read: how to teach jolly phonics effectively step by step.

phonics for kindergarten worksheets
beginning sound worksheet

Beginning sounds game for kids:

The beginning sound worksheets free pdf contains a lot of pictures with vivid details. The words are in many categories like fruit, animals, insects, birds, and others. Each page contains four pictures. The boy has to define which letter sound is the beginning sound of the word he hears. He will circle the right letter sound. Of course, some of the pictures have familiar words for the kid. So let him give it a shot first, and if he couldn’t then he listens to the teacher.

phonics for kindergarten worksheets
phonics worksheets beginning sound


phonics for kindergarten worksheets

Phonics worksheets are very important to enhance the learning experience of sounds. After you cut a long shot in teaching your kid the phase 2 sounds. You should give him a lot of exercises to practice identifying the sound once he hears it.

phonics for kindergarten worksheets
circle the beginning sound

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phonics worksheets grade 1:

The phonics worksheets are printable and free. They are colored to help the child has vivid colorful pictures while he is practicing sound recognition. Make sure that you explained all the phase 2 sounds before you start using these worksheets.

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You can also watch our phonic sounds videos on youtube: letter s and /s/ sound


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