7 Amazing STEM activities for kids

7 Amazing STEM activities for kids

Our kids are little scientists as they are born with curiosity for learning and discovering the world around them. STEM Education which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics is a unique and promising approach in teaching and learning. It allows kids to be engaged in attractive, challenging, and meaningful activities or projects that link or relate to life. Furthermore, it provides a lot of opportunities to keep our kids motivated and enthusiastic. If you really want to improve creativity and innovation in your kids, then you should let them participate in such lovely and engaging activities. In this article, you will find the most 7 amazing STEM activities for kids with tons of fun.

 Amazing STEM activities for kids

Let’s play with our kids and let them learn with some of the easiest fun, and engaging vacation or distance learning STEM activities.

1- Addition, Subitizing – Roll & Fill the Jar (for ages 3-6)
Category (Money math activities)

Money concepts like addition are often difficult for some kids, but the goal of this activity is to expose kids to money. In this amazing activity, your kid will learn how to add numbers in a fun and lovely way.

Let your kid roll two dice, add the numbers together, and put that number of coins in the jar.

Addition, Subitizing – Roll & Fill the jar - STEM activities for kids

2- Counting, Identifying Coin, Adding – Play Grocery Store
Category (Money math)

You can print price tags (see the picture), and the kids will enjoy taping them to real foods from the pantry. While shopping, kids should find the value of each item and pay for it. Another way to play would be not to use price tags at all and just let kids have fun using real money.

Counting- Identifying Coin - Adding – Play Grocery Store - stem activities for kids

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3- 100 Cup Tower Challenge
Category (Engineering)

Collect a bag of 100 cups at the grocery store. In this fun and challenging activity, the kids will enjoy building a tower with all 100 cups as engineers do in buildings and structures!

100 Cup tower challenge - stem activities for kids

4- A Hand Crank Winch!
Category (Engineering)

In this amazing project, kids will enjoy building a simple machine like pulley using recycled items. It’s really an awesome activity for kids who love to learn how things work and love crafty works. Very simple, kid-friendly, and cheap tools such as cardboard, paper, towel, rolls, and a spool of ribbon are needed to build the fun hand crank winch.


5- Build a Balance Scale
Category (Science)

This STEM activity is super simple but involves tons of fun!

Your kid will need a plastic hanger, some cups, and string.

Let your kid hang balance, so he/she can use it to explore weights through experimentation.

build a balance scale - stem activities for kids

6- Fireworks in a Jar
Category (Science)

This amazing, simple, and fun experiment is perfect for kids who are fascinated with colors and fireworks. At first, your kid will need very simple materials such as oil, water, and food coloring!

The science behind this activity is that food coloring dissolves in water but not in oil because the density of oil is less than the density of water. So, it will float at the top of the water while colored droplets will sink because they’re heavier than the oil. So, like a tiny explosion, these droplets begin to dissolve into the water.

7- Spaghetti and Marshmallow Tower
Category (Engineering)

Let your kids try this innovative challenge and discover their engineering powers to create the tallest freestanding building using uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows.

Firstly, You need to explain to your kid how he/she can use Spaghetti and marshmallows to build a structure. The task is to create a building. There are no specifications. It is just to be a building. Let your kid have fun and watch the magic unfolds.


In such amazing activities, you will notice that your kid will think incredibly in a scientific way and learn how things work. A big difference will occur to your kid as his / her mindset will change to be a creative maker, problem solver, thinker, and innovator. Such a great change or difference will prepare your kid for future careers or jobs.


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