Phonics sounds: Learning Letter S and /s/ Sound

phonics s sound story

phonics s sound story:

phonics s sound

Once upon a time, Danny was playing with his toys. He was so happy, making his toy plane fly and fall when it hits a wall. His sister, Julia doesn’t like that, she wants to scare her young brother because he didn’t want to play hide and seek. She got a snake from her toys and started to sneak. She started making the sound of “Ssssssss” from behind the couch. Danny got freaking out and suddenly she throws her snake on his face…Danny screamed. Wow, Julia made him so scared. “next time you play with me”, Julia said.

phonics s sound video: How to pronounce the /s/ sound:

The mouth is slightly stretched. Your upper and lower teeth are touching. The tongue is nearly close to the upper teeth. Push the air through to make the /sssss/ sound. /s/ sound is voiceless. There is no vibration made by the vocal cords to produce it. In the /z/ sound article we will notice how similar it is to the /s/ sound but it’s voiced which means that we make vibration by the vocal cords to produce it.

phonics s sound game:

listen and mark true if you heard the sound /s/
phonics s sound game
phonics s sound game

phonics s sound worksheet: write the letter sound /s/: 

Here’s the letter s tracing worksheet to practice: Free!- Printable Letter S s Tracing Worksheets

free printable phonics s sound worksheet
letter s worksheets

for more tracing worksheets: tracing letter worksheets 

Read the following words: 

write these words to your son:
  • sun
  • stop
  • span
  • sink
  • sock
  • stars

Show the letter s to the child and show him how to make the /s/ sound:

  • – Ask him to point at the s sound in each word above.
  • – Ask him to make a long /s/ sound like the snake.

Memory game:

Choose one or two words from the words above and ask the kid to reassemble them using phase 2 phonics flashcards. For example, the word sun:

In this way, the kid will train on dictation and memorizing the words.


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