Phonics sounds: Learning Letter O and /o/ Sound

o sound story

Phonics o sound: Sound /o/ story:

phonics o sound
sound /o/ story

Danny was in the kitchen with his mom. She was making a teacup for his father. Danny felt jealous “why doesn’t she do one for me too?”. So he asked mom to do another one for him. She refused at first but he kept asking, so she had to make a small one for him. He finally got his. he wanted to hold it so he grabbed all his hands around it “O, it’s hot”, Danny screamed. Mother said, “O… Danny little boy. It’s too hot for you”. Danny never tried to drink tea again 🙂

Phonics o sound: How to pronounce the /o/ sound:

This is the short /o/ sound like in the word ‘on’ and ‘off’. Yes, it’s mostly not usually said as short o in the american accent but the kid has to be aware of it as in lock, off, and on. the letter o also can make a long o sound but that only happens with the help of e at the end of the word. the long o is like the words mode, code, and tode. In the early years, we don’t teach kids the long o. So, in phase 2 we will only teach them the short one.

Sound game: listen and mark true if you heard the sound 

phonics o sound

Tracing worksheet: write the letter sound /o/: 

Here’s the letter /o/ tracing worksheet to practice: Free!- Printable Letter Oo Tracing Worksheets

phonics o sound

Read the following words: 

Use our phonics phase 2 flashcards to practice some pronunciation activities with your kid: 

  • First level: Make combinations of the flashcards below and let the child recognize which letters are making the sound /o/.
  • Advanced level: Let the child assemble the words below by himself. keep telling him the pronunciation of the word until he can make the combination alone. 
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  • hot
  • on
  • box
  • off
  • lot

You can download and see all the flashcards in pdf printable designs.


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