12 Math Cool Games That Will Make Learning Fun

Best Cool Math Games

Make math fun with these 12 cool games! From multiplication to geometry, these games will keep your kids engaged and learning.

Best Cool Math Games

Math can be a challenging subject for many kids, but it doesn’t have to be boring! With these 10 cool math games, your children can have fun while learning important skills like multiplication, geometry, and more. Keep reading to discover some of the best math games for kids.

1- Math Bingo

Math Bingo is a fun and interactive way for kids to practice their math skills. The game is played just like traditional bingo, but instead of calling out numbers, the teacher or parent calls out math problems. The players then have to solve the problem and mark the corresponding answer on their bingo cards. The first player to get a full row or column of correct answers wins! Math Bingo can be adapted for different skill levels and math topics, making it a versatile game for kids of all ages.

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2- Printable Math Maze Game

Math Maze Game - cool math games

Cool Math Games Ideas: Printable math games motive to learn, and develop logical thinking, and are fun. Kids love to play and compete, so let’s take advantage of this and make learning maths more enjoyable for them.

Download Now for free a cool maze math game and let your little child learn and play with numbers from 1 to 20.

3- Math War, Math Cool Games

Math War is a fast-paced card game that helps kids practice their basic math skills. To play, each player is dealt a stack of cards with numbers on them. Players then take turns flipping over a card from their stack and solving the math problem on the card. The player with the highest answer gets to keep both cards. The game continues until one player has all the cards or a set amount of time has passed. Math War can be adapted for different skill levels and math topics, making it a fun and challenging game for kids to play.

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4- Math Dice

Math Dice is a fun and educational game that helps kids practice their math skills while having fun. To play, each player rolls a set of dice and then uses the numbers on the dice to create a math problem. For example, if a player rolls a 3 and a 5, they could create the problem 3 + 5 = 8. Players then race to solve the problem and the first player to get the correct answer gets to keep the dice. The game continues until one player has all the dice or a set amount of time has passed. Math Dice is a great way to make math fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

5- Printable Math Board Games

printable  Math Board Games

Cool Math Games Ideas: Playing math board games will help kids to learn math facts easily. When you use these fun printable math games, children will not even find out that they are learning math.

You can play our math board games in the classroom, at home on long winter evenings, or even during school breaks. To download a free printable math game in PDF just click on the relevant Button below.

Download Now for a free Printable Math Board Game

6- Math Scavenger Hunt

A math scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to get kids excited about math. Create a list of math problems or equations and hide them around the house or classroom. Give each child a list and have them search for the problems. Once they find a problem, they must solve it before moving on to the next one. The first child to complete the scavenger hunt wins a prize. This game not only helps kids practice their math skills but also encourages teamwork and problem-solving.

7- Math Jeopardy

Math Jeopardy is a fun and interactive game that can be played in the classroom or at home. Create categories such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and assign point values to each question. Divide players into teams and have them take turns choosing a category and point value. The team must then solve the math problem within a certain amount of time to earn the points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. This game not only helps kids practice their math skills but also encourages healthy competition and teamwork.

 8- Math Twister – Cool Math Games

math twister - Cool Math Games

    Math Twister On a traditional twister game, add number labels such as 3, 4, 5, and 6. Then, instead of saying “right hand on blue,” read out equations such as “right hand on 6 – 3” or “left hand on 2 + 4”. Then, watch the fun and twisting begin!

    9- Addition and Subtraction Bingo

     To play this game, create bingo cards with the answers to simple addition and/or subtraction problems. Then, instead of reading out numbers, read out problems such as “7 + 3” or “5 – 2”. Students must then mark the correct answers to win the bingo game.

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    10- Guess My Number

    In this game, children practice numbers 0-100. Print out a sheet that has a grid of the numbers 0-100. To reuse, laminate them and provide students with whiteboard markers. Then, have one student think of a number between 0 and 99. The students take turns guessing which number it is, crossing out the wrong numbers along the way. Finally, when the number is guessed, the winning guesser picks the new number.

    11-  Home Made Board Game

    In small groups, invite children to create their own board game. Demonstrate how to draw a snake “road” to follow and how to draw the squares. On each square, give them a math problem to place on the board. Then, provide pieces and dice and invite them to play. Students may also put some spaces that say “go back 2” or “lose a turn” to keep things interesting. Also, ask students to decorate the game with a theme.

    12- Math Facts Race

    Divide the class into two teams, each lined up. At the front of the room, provide two identical grids of multiplication or addition facts. The first person on each team must fill in one of the numbers on their grid (for example, where the 6 and 6 intersect, it’s 36 if multiplied). Then, they go to the end of the line and pass the marker up to the first person in line. Whichever team finishes their grid first, wins.


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