How To Print Flashcards for Children!


Welcome, all our dear kids’ activities visitors. We’d like to help all our readers and followers from all over the world to reach our content the easiest way. So, we assume you may have downloaded some of our pdf flashcards and worksheets. More importantly in this post, you might be one of those who faced some problems when they tried to print these flashcards for your kids, class, or whatever educational purpose you gonna use them for. Let’s see together how can we do it.

how to print

How to print flashcards – step by step:

Click on the pdf file at the end of each post:


Click on the printer icon at the top right:

How to print flashcards -
How to print flashcards – printer icon

How to make the size fit the page?

After you click on the print icon, click on more settings to see more options that we will see in a minute how you will use them.


Well, this is an important step and it needs full focus from you, my dear reader. The default print size is A4 which is the normal page size we all use daily. But if you tried to change the size to A3 to make it bigger for maybe a big 30 -40 kid-class, you will find the flashcard doesn’t fill the page as you need as you see here:


Well, now the solution for that is to change the scale of the image and choose fit to printable area. There is another option by the way which is fit to paper but this sometimes may cause some issues as it may cut the edges if you didn’t maximize the margins of the printable version of the page. However, all you need is to change the scale as we said:


How to print multiple flashcards or worksheets on the same page:

Of course, you can do that. Especially, if you are going to print something like letters flashcards which you may cut and make them in the size of the card game. We can do that by setting how many pages we need per sheet like the following:

How to print flash cards - pages per sheet
6 pages per sheet

Now your card is ready for use. As we always say, all our resources in kids’ activities are free and aimed to help you teach your kids. All in all, Whether you are a teacher or parent. your place is here…


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