Best 91+Hand Washing Cartoon Images,Background,Quotes

hand washing images

Hey, guys… In this article, we are going to present for you an awesome collection of free Best 91+ Hand Washing Cartoon Images, Background, Quotes about washing your hands, and how to protect yourself against the new virus corona ( COVID-19 ). Interestingly, you will learn how to protect yourself and the people around you from viruses. Especially, Corona Pandemic, which is widely spread around the world. Indeed, you will learn that washing our hands regularly is so crucial.
Come on, print these important signs, images, and hang it on the school walls. It’s totally free!
Wash Your Hands pictures! Free download

hand washing images

Hand Washing Cartoon Images, Background, Quotes

Download and print these Hand washing signs free images
Free Printable signs pictures about washing hands and Hygiene against Germs.

Wash your hands

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Wash your hand’s Image

Global handwashing

Wash your hands Image

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Washing your hand’s images free

Pictures Wash your hand’s lettering

Washing your hands images free

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Free Washing hand picture

Wash your hand’s concept

Free Washing hand picture

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Doodle hand wash pictures

Lettering Doodle wash your hands

Doodle hand wash pictures cartoons

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Hand washing clip art

Coronavirus poster design with the word wash your hands

Hand washing clip art

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Please wash your hand’s images

Washing hands rubbing with soap for coronavirus prevention, hygiene to stop spreading coronavirus.

please wash your hands images

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Free wash your hands sign funny

Hand washing for kids – Set of health care elements with cartoon characters

Free wash your hands sign funny

Keep calm and wash your hands

Keep calm and wash your hands’ motivational slogan

Keep calm and wash your hands

Wash your hands sign printable

Handwashing coronavirus concept. personal hygiene – COVID-19 prevention

wash your hands sign printable

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Hand sanitizer lettering background

Hand sanitizer lettering background

Wash your hand neon signs

Wash your hand neon signs

Precautions tips for COVID 19-Poster for kids

Precaution tips from the virus:

  • Wear a mask and always keep it clean
  • Cover your nose with arms when sneezing or coughing
  • Wash your hand regularly with soap and running water

precautions tips for covid 19 poster for kids

To download the worksheets, easily click on the images above. Right-click on the image and select (Save As). So, a larger picture will open in a new tab or window.

How to wash your hands?

  1. Water and soap
  2. Palm to palm
  3. Between fingers
  4. Focus on thumbs
  5. Back of hands
  6. Focus on wrists

How Often Should You Wash Your Hands?

  • After using the toilet
  • Before touching or eating food
  • When they are dirty
  • After using mobile phones, steering wheel on public use cars, visibly dirty doorknobs, etc
  • Wash your hands if you sneeze or cough into your hands

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