Free Printable!- Basic Colors worksheets for kindergarten

basic colors coloring pages

Colors worksheets for kindergarten:

colors worksheets coloring - colors worksheets for kindergarten
colors worksheets coloring – colors worksheets for kindergarten

Our colors worksheets for kindergarten are 11 worksheets, with the cover, that help the child color and know the names of the colors he will use. The set contains groups of fruit, animals, shapes, and even birds. The design is unique and wasn’t used before.

Preschools and kindergarten coloring pages:

basic colors pages - colors worksheets for kindergarten

The kid should remember what the color related to each word above the picture is. They may not have developed literacy skills. But if they got it right they will be able to remember the right color. If they couldn’t try not telling him directly what is the right color. Rather, help him to remember and give him more clues. Of course, your last resort if none of your tries worked, is to tell him the answer.

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 Basic colors coloring worksheets: animals, insects, and birds:

colors worksheets for kindergarten

Here we can see a worksheet mostly about animals. We tried as much as possible to match each picture with the right color. For example, the horse is mostly brown. The bug is red with spots of black on the back but of course, we don’t encourage mixing between two colors here in this worksheet because we are still teaching him the basics. It’s also a brilliant idea to bring a real picture of the animal or object and let him choose the closest color from his colors’ bag. This will make him think and relate between the objects so well.

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Birds coloring worksheets basic colors:

basic colors worksheets for kindergarten

This worksheet contains different kinds of birds from ducks to parrots to owls. Some kids may travel with their minds to ask for more about what is this bird and how about that one? So, we should be flexible with that. Just like for every three birds he will color show him a video about one he chooses. This will enable you to keep him practicing for more time without getting bored.

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learning colors worksheets for 2-years-old kids:

learning colors with sea animals coloring book


So, the worksheets have a wide variety of types. In this worksheet, we have sea creatures. We all know how diverse are colors of beings in the sea. A good idea to make use of that is to tell the child that he will see a cartoon about sea creatures when he finishes his drawings. All in all, We hope the ideas we suggested help you. Still, there are much more ideas about that. You can benefit from it.

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