World Children’s Day 2023

World Children's day

Hello, little friends! Guess what? It’s a super special day just for you—World Children’s Day 2023! ?✨ Today is all about celebrating YOU and making sure you know how special and important you are. But wait, there’s more! It’s also a day to talk about something super important called “children’s rights.”

Now, what are children’s rights, you ask? Well, they’re like magic rules that say every child, no matter where they live, has the right to be safe, healthy, and happy. Isn’t that awesome? Let’s explore a bit more about these amazing rights!

What is World Children’s Day?

World Children’s Day, celebrated on November 20th, is a day dedicated to children everywhere. It’s a time for us to enjoy, play, and learn about our rights. Just like grown-ups have rights, we do too! World Children’s Day reminds everyone to listen to us, protect us, and make sure we grow up feeling safe, loved, and happy.

World Children's Day 2023

When is Children’s Day?

The date of Children’s Day varies across countries. In many places, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20th. This date marks the anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. The day aims to promote international togetherness, and awareness among children worldwide, and improve children’s welfare.

However, it’s important to note that different countries may have their own specific dates for Children’s Day. For example:

  • In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14th, commemorating the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who was fondly known as “Chacha Nehru” (Uncle Nehru) among children.
  • In the United States, National Children’s Day is often observed on the second Sunday in June.
  • Japan celebrates Children’s Day, known as “Kodomo no Hi,” on May 5th.

It’s advisable to check the specific date for Children’s Day in your region or country to participate in and enjoy the festivities.

What are the rights of children?

World Children’s Day is not just about parties and fun activities (though we love those too!). It’s a day to remind everyone about something very special—your rights! Yes, just like grown-ups have rights, so do you! These rights make sure you have everything you need to grow, learn, and play happily.


What are these rights, you ask? Well, let’s explore some of them:

children's rights poster

Your Right to Play ??‍♂️

First off, you have the right to play and have lots of fun! Playing is how you learn, grow, and make friends. So, grab your toys, run around, and let your imagination soar. It’s your right to have the best playtime ever!

Your Right to Learn ??

Did you know you have the right to learn cool things? That’s right! Whether it’s reading books, drawing pictures, or discovering new things about the world, you have the right to learn and become a little genius.

Your Right to be Safe ??

Safety is super important, and you have the right to feel safe every day. Whether at home, school or playing outside, grown-ups are here to keep you safe and sound.

Your Right to Speak Up ?️?

Guess what? Your voice is powerful! You have the right to say what you think and feel. So, if you have a cool idea or want to share something, don’t be shy—speak up, and let your thoughts sparkle like stars!

Your Right to Good Health ??‍♀️

Being healthy is like having a superpower! You have the right to yummy and nutritious food, fresh air, and exercise to keep your body strong and happy.

How Can We Celebrate?

Now, let’s make World Children’s Day extra special! You can create colorful drawings of what makes you happy, play your favorite games with friends, and maybe even share a big, warm hug with someone you care about.

Teachers and grown-ups, you can join in too! Share stories about children’s rights, play games that teach about sharing and kindness, and most importantly, listen to what the little ones have to say.

So, on this fantastic day, let’s celebrate being kids, having rights, and making the world a wonderful place for every child. Happy World Children’s Day, dear preschoolers! ??

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Celebrating World Children’s Day 2023: A Special Day Just for You!

Happy children's day greeting card

How can we celebrate World Children’s Day? Let’s make it special:

1. Crafty Creations

Get your colorful crayons and paper ready! Let’s create special drawings or crafts that show what makes you happy.

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2. Storytime Magic

Gather around for a magical storytime adventure. Choose your favorite books and let the stories take you to exciting places.

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3. Playdate Extravaganza

Call up your friends for a playdate filled with games, laughter, and maybe even a mini-dance party!


4. Thank You Cards

Make special thank-you cards for the grown-ups who help take care of you. It’s a lovely way to show appreciation.

Remember, every preschooler is like a shining star, and World Children’s Day is the day we celebrate each and every one of you. So, let’s celebrate by learning, playing, and being our amazing selves! Happy World Children’s Day, little friends! ??



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