Phonics sounds: Learning Letter /cK/, /c/ ,and /k/ Sound

ck sound story

phonics c sound story:

Danny’s brother became older now. He’s three years old. He really likes Oo..ies. Wait! what????? you mean cookies. Actually, that’s how he says it. Today, he told the family that he wants to eat Oo…ies. “No, Panny it’s cook…cookies.”, they kept saying to him, “Yes, I want Oo..ies”, said Panny trying harder. “Aghhhhhh…forget it. It’s not the right time for it I guess”.

phonics ‘cuh’ sound video:

This sound is short and presented by the graphemes above. It sounds like ‘cuh’ and it is voiceless, which means you won’t feel any vibrations from the vocal cords. We make the sound by letting the back of the tongue touches the upper roof of the mouth. You can find the letter c pronounced as ‘cuh’  mostly as the initial letter sound  of words. The k and ck will mostly be at the end of the word. 

 Game time: listen and mark true if you heard the sound /ck, c, k/

phonics ck sound game
phonics c sound game

letter tracing: write the letter  /ck, c, k/: 

Here’s the letter /c/, /k/ tracing worksheet to practice. The worksheets are very important as they will help the child a lot in memorizing the letters relevant to this very sound.

phonics c sound tracing worksheet
phonics c sound tracing worksheet
phonics c sound tracing worksheets
phonics c sound tracing worksheets

Read the following words: 

Use our phonics phase 2 flashcards to practice some pronunciation activities with your kid: 

  • First level: Make combinations of the flashcards below and let the child recognize which letters are making the sound ‘cuh’.
  • Advanced level: Let the child assemble the words below by himself. keep telling him the pronunciation of the word until he can make the combination alone. 
    You may like: Free printable preschool worksheets tracing letters PDF
  • – cap
  • – cat
  • – car
  • – back
  • – kit

You can download and see all the flashcards in pdf printable designs.


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