12 Simple Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers (3-5 Years)

easy Mothers Day Crafts for Preschoolers (3-5 Years)

12 Easy & Creative Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts Ideas For 3 to 5 Year Olds, Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day craft activity to keep your preschooler (3-5 years old) engaged? Check out this list of 12 easy and fun crafts that require minimal materials and supplies!

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts For 3 to 5 Year Olds

Looking for simple and fun Mother’s Day crafts that 3 to 5 year olds can make? We’ve got you covered! From homemade cards to adorable flower pot decorations, we have 12 creative projects that your little ones will love.

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1- Handprint & Footprint Artwork.

Handprint & Footprint Artwork.

For a fun and meaningful craft that Mom is sure to love, have your preschooler make a handprint or footprint artwork using construction paper and acrylic paint. This activity can include tracing their hands or feet, then painting them in Mom’s favorite colors. Turn the artwork into a card with messages written on it for an extra special touch. When the paint dries, frame it and give it to Mom as a gift!

easy mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds , mother’s day craft ideas.

2- Mom You Are My Sunshine Card

Mom You Are My Sunshine Card

Make this Mother’s Day extra special with these fun and creative craft ideas designed just for 3 5 year old preschoolers. Let’s get crafting!


3- Mommy Bouquets Craft.

Mommy Bouquets Craft- mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds
mother’s day craft ideas

Diy mothers day gifts… Create lovely flower bouquets for Mom with simple items found around the house. Have your child paint craft sticks yellow and red and attach a colorful pom-pom to each stick using glue. Place the “bouquets” in a mason jar, initiate a cupcake liner as filler, and top it off with a pretty bow!

4- Love You to Pieces Card

HOW TO MAKE Love You to Pieces Card CRAFT?

Easy Mother’s Day Gift Cards For Kids, mother’s day craft ideas.

5- Flowerpot Card Craft.

Flowerpot Card Craft mothers day crafts

Create a colorful and unique flowerpot card for Mom this Mother’s Day. Pick out several hues of card stock to create your flower petals, stems, and leaves. Cut all the paper pieces into shapes. Decorate with paints, sequins, and glitter before gluing them together in a fun “pop-up” design. Once dry, write sweet messages on the card for an extra special touch!

6- Inspirational Quote Picture Frame.

Inspirational Quote Picture Frame- mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds
mother’s day craft ideas

Give Mom a special memento to hang on the wall! Have your preschooler paint an 8×10″ wood frame in Mom’s favorite color. Then, find or create a meaningful phrase or quote and cut it out of scrapbook paper—increase difficulty by adding words with larger letters. Help your child glue the paper onto the frame and add gemstones, stars, and rhinestones for extra flair!

7- Love Mom Watercolor Rainbow Hearts PaperCraft.

Love Mom Watercolor Rainbow Hearts PaperCraft.
homemade mothers day gifts

Nothing says I love you Mom like a Watercolor Rainbow Hearts Card Craft.! Let preschoolers pick out their favorite colors of paint to cover one side of the frame. After it’s dry, decorate the frame with glitter glue in several shades and colors. Once everything is dry, cut out a special photo of Mom and her little one(s) to display inside the frame. put on ribbon hanging loops and tie it off with a bow to complete this simple but sweet Mother’s Day craft present!

8- Mother-Child Love Craft

Mother-Child Love Craft, mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds


in this video, We have shown you How to make Handmade Mother-Child Love crafts by using (Paper plates, Cardstock Paper, Craft Sticks, Crayons, Gluestick, Scissors, Safety cutters, and Tape).

9- DIY Scratch-Off Card – Mother’s day crafts for 3 5 year olds

mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds

Put a creative spin on your kid’s Mother’s Day card this year with this DIY scratch-off card! This cute project will take some time and patience, but the end result will be totally worth it – we promise. Start by letting your child design their own card featuring gemstones, color pops, and splatters of paint. Then, have them write a special message inside that only mom can see after she scratches off the surface of her gift! homemade mothers day gifts.

10- Cute Unicorn Greeting Card For Mom

How to make unicorn Popup Cards as mothers day gift cards?

homemade mothers day gifts.. 12 Simple Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers (3-5 Years).

11- Drawing Mother’s Day Picture

Drawing Mother's Day Picture - mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds

easy mothers day crafts for 3 5 year olds

12- Handmade Balloon Card

How to Make Easy & Beautiful Handmade Balloon Greeting Card Step by Step, DIY Easy Greeting Cards, Handmade Mothers day Greeting Card for kids.

In this video tutorial, We have shown you How to make Handmade Beautiful Balloon Greeting Card Quickly & Step by Step. You can use those Greeting cards as Best Friends Gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, Father’s Day Giftsor Greetings, etc.

With these simple yet fun Mother’s Day crafts, preschoolers can show their appreciation to the special moms in their lives! Get creative with our easy step-by-step instructions.


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