Jolly Phonics: How to teach letter-sound in 5 steps


Teaching the letter sound for kids should be as interactive and entertaining as possible. That’s why there are steps we follow in teaching each letter sound that make the sound learning experience more fun and not boring. Each step is totally different from another. It conveys the sound from a different educational pattern of learning.

1- Teaching phonics: Sound story

In this part, the new sound will be introduced through a story about the sound like a boy who was terrified of hearing the “rrrrrrrr” sound of a lion. of course, the way of teaching a story should be touching so that he interacts emotionally with it. If that was achieved the kid will truly memorize the sound and its letter by heart. We should ask the kid after that in a non-teaching way about the sound he heard in the story.

teaching letter sounds

this is one of our letter-sound articles: letter t and sound /t/

2- Teaching letter sounds: Illustrative video

It’s an enhancement. In the video, we will show through a transparent face how the tongue shapes the sound. Then, we will take word examples in which we will hear the sound. At the end of the video, the kid is supposed to stop the video and practice by himself. He will be given a CVC or CVCC word or other non-complicated words. he shall try to pronounce it alone.

Phonics sounds: Learning Letter T and /t/ Sound

3- Teaching letter sounds: Pronunciation Game time

Learning by games is a greatly successful strategy to teach kids. The kid will see a picture and under it a yes/no question. He is asked to choose in 10 seconds if the word of the picture has the sound he is learning or not. The picture is clickable and whenever he clicks on it, he will hear its pronunciation. At the end of the game, there will be a score to see how much he could get. Finally, he should decide if he wants to try again or not.

teaching letter sounds - phonics p sound game

for more educational games: Belaraby apps flashcard games

4- Teaching letter sounds: Letter Tracing Time

That part is for encoding. The kid will take pdf printable worksheets to practice writing the letter. Mixing the time of learning pronunciation and telling the story with writing the shape of the letter is very effective.

trace color letter Tt

Here’s the letter /t/ tracing worksheet to practice: Free!- Printable Letter T t Tracing Worksheets

5- Teaching phonics: Recap Exercises

For any teaching objective, there must be two kinds of assessment: one during the lesson (formative) and one at the end (summative).  The formative assessment is as important as the typical summative one because it will help the child to practice while learning. In addition, the summative one at the end of the lesson will help greatly in fixing the last layers of his learning experience to the letter and its sound. So, the CVC words he should exercise pronouncing are in the recap section, so that the teacher or parent be able to test the child at any time.

  • egg
  • god
  • bug
  • dog
  • cat

You can download and see all the flashcards in pdf printable designs for free.


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