DIY Father’s Day Card, Preschool fathers day crafts

DIY Father's Day Card, Preschool fathers day crafts

DIY Father’s Day Card … Make Your Own Dad Card, here’s an idea for making cards for Dad, Preschool fathers day crafts.

Fathers Day Preschool Craft

preschool fathers day crafts

Making a card for Dad for Father’s day is a great way to help the kids do something special with very little in the way of required supplies. The kids can add their special message, color their pictures and create a card perfect for their dad. There are many variations and ideas of things you can do with a greeting card. Here I’ll show you a simple card to which you can add your personal touch.

DIY Father’s Day Card Easy:

You need:

  • 2 pieces of construction paper or card stock
  • 6 shining stars stickers
  • Print out a silly tie template
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • scissors

How to make it:

DIY white shirt paper with green tie, preschool father’s day gift

DIY Father's Day Card for kids by steps

Print out the tie and cut out the shape on green paper

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DIY Father's Day Card

Fathers day crafts for preschoolers, Cut a white paper into the shape of a shirt, as shown in the picture

DIY father's day card, Fathers Day Preschool Craft

Glue a tie paper onto the front of the other piece of construction paper.


DIY father's day card, fathers day crafts for preschoolers

DIY Father’s Day card, Fold the white paper into the shape of a dad’s shirt.

diy white shirt paper with green tie for dad. DIY father's day card

The last step is to stick the bright stars on the shoulders of the shirt.

How to make an easy father’s day card step by step

In this video, We will show you a special father’s day card crafts for preschool.

Easy Father's Day Card Craft | أصنع بنفسك بطاقة تهنئة يوم الأب العالمي

We’re sharing cute, funny, and thoughtful DIY ideas you can give any dad in your life.


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