21 Children’s Day Ideas for Preschool Kids

21 Children's Day Ideas for Preschool Kids

21 Children’s Day Ideas for Preschool Kids .. Celebrate Children’s Day with these fun activities for preschool kids!

Children’s Day is an occasion to celebrate children’s achievements and their growth. Celebrate Children’s Day by giving them gifts and making them happy.

Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20th each year. It was first observed in India in 1961 and has since spread around the world. The day celebrates children’s rights and achievements and encourages parents to spend quality time with their young ones.

Happy Children’s Day 2022 Greetings

21 Children’s Day Ideas for Preschool Kids

Fun Children’s Day Activities, Games, And Celebration Ideas | Children’s day, Children’s day activities, Child day.

1- Play a game of “I Spy”.

This activity will help your child learn how to identify objects by sight. You can play this game at home or outside. Simply ask your child to find an object hidden somewhere in the room. If he/she finds it, give him/her a reward.

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2- Create a craft using paper plates.

Paper plates make a great craft material because they are inexpensive and easy to come by. To make this craft, cut out circles from the center of each plate. Glue them together so that the edges overlap slightly. Cut out a small hole in the middle of the circle. Then glue a string through the hole and tie it to something sturdy, such as a doorknob. Hang the craft where your child can see it. Ask her/him to try to guess what the object is.

 Paper Plate Tiger Craft

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You can also use paper plates to make a simple gift for children. Simply write a message on one side of the plate and fold it up. Wrap the plate in colorful tissue paper and attach a tag with the name of the recipient.

3- Make a card for each child in your family.

children’s day greeting card: Bright postcard made by a child bouquet of multicolored hearts children’s day greeting card idea.

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4- Draw pictures of your favorite toys.

Make sure to draw pictures of your favorite toys so you can show them off later. You can also make a collage of photos of your favorite toys. This will help you remember what you loved as a child.

5- Color a picture about childhood

On Children’s Day, celebrate with your children by coloring a beautiful drawing about childhood – Happy Children’s Day.

For more coloring sheets: Free Printable Children’s Day Colouring Activities PDF

6- Dressing Up Game

This is a fun activity for kids who love dressing up! Simply cut out different shapes from construction paper. Place them on a table with a piece of tape so that the child can easily move them around. Have the child choose one shape and dress it up by adding accessories. Once he/she has dressed it up, ask him/her to take off the accessory and put it back on another shape. Continue until the child gets bored.

7- Alphabet Matching Game

This fun activity will help kids learn how to match letters with each other. It also helps them practice matching sounds with letters.


8- Animal Name Game

You can use these animal name games as an educational tool to teach children about animals. They are also great for practicing letter recognition skills.

Get animal name cards here

9- Colorful Number Line

This number line game is perfect for teaching kids how to count. It uses colorful numbers and letters to help them learn the concept of counting by ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

10 – Counting Numbers Game

To play, simply place the numbers 1 through 20 along the bottom of the board. Then, place the corresponding letter above each number. For example, if the number 4 was written down, then the letter “D” would go above it. Next, draw a line between the two numbers. Finally, write the total number of dots on top of the line.

11- Give them a gift certificate to a local restaurant or toy store.

You can make your child’s birthday special by gifting him/her a small token of love. A simple gift card to a nearby restaurant or toy shop will do wonders for his/her happiness. It will help them feel loved and appreciated.


12- Buy them a new book.

Books are one of the best ways to keep kids entertained and engaged. They also provide them with knowledge and skills that can help them become better learners. If you buy them a new book, they will enjoy reading it together and learning something new.

13- Take them out for ice cream.

Ice cream is a treat that everyone loves. It’s delicious and fun! You can take your child to an ice cream parlor or make some at home. Either way, it’s a special day for both of you.

14- Play games with them.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Children’s Day, there are lots of activities you can do together. One idea is to play board games. Another is to go outside and enjoy nature. There are also plenty of other ideas online.

15- Write a letter to a friend or relative who has children.

If you’re looking for more ideas for celebrating Children’s Day, check out our list of fun art and craft activities for preschool kids.

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